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Take a leap into the evolution of fitness 

Strength & Athletic Performance

Strength & Athletic Performance

Get faster, stronger and quicker with 90% of muscle fibers activated (versus 40% with traditional training), targeting surface and deep muscle fibers.

Body Shaping & Toning

Body Shaping & Toning

Reshape, tighten and overall muscle toning. Helps to reduce cellulite and improve circulatory system.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Lose weight and backpain relief for improved health. No pressure on joints.

The fastest
way to fitness
on the planet

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The fastest way to fitness on the planet

Personal20® EMS Personal Trainer Franchising or Licensing

Workout Smarter, not Harder with #Personal20® Electro Fitness Franchise or License.

What happens inside an Electro Fitness Studio

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